My Business Journey

I spent 22 years working in corporate America building successful sales teams and businesses. I achieved my success by hiring, coaching and mentoring associates. Understanding team members’ goals and their strengths helped me guide them to realize their potential. I’m trained in Strengthsfinder(tm), Enneagram(tm) Commander Personalities(tm), and the Situational Leadership Model(tm). These provide me with knowledge of personalities, motivations, and personal drive which I use daily whether working with Pilates clients and/or business owners.

In 2009, I decided to make a change, to follow another passion – Pilates. I’ve been teaching Pilates for 14+ years, and practicing pilates since 1998. I am certified by Balanced Body, a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) and I am an Advanced Neuro Studio practitioner (Level3).

After becoming certified, I saw an opportunity to open a Studio focused on Pilates. I combined my business sense with my love of Pilates and fitness to open Mind-Body Connection (MBC Pilates). Over the years I’ve experienced and learned a lot about owning your own business and teaching Pilates.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked through the Pandemic; recreating my business to work in a new era. By being efficient, effective and flexible I was able to expand my business and my clientele. I’ve thrived and grown through unprecedented times. Besides teaching Pilates for Neurological impact, I also offer Coaching Sessions.

These sessions are designed to help other Pilates teachers and business owners address their needs. Perhaps it’s to have a sounding board to develop creative solutions and/or to design plans to achieve goals such as expanding your offering or growing your business. Sessions could also be used to learn more about the Neuro world, beginning to understand how the brain communicates movement to the body and how to include concepts and strategies into your practice.

I spent many years coaching, guiding and mentoring team members to realize their personal and professional goals. I look forward to meeting and helping others thrive and achieve their’s.

“I have practiced Pilates for approximately 12 years, but the past six years have been a life-changing experience.”

~ JS

Pilates B2B Guidance

Are you someone starting your Pilates journey and need guidance figuring it all out?  Or are you an experienced teacher looking for a peer to bounce ideas off?  Or are you looking to explore partnerships or studio rentals? I offer my services, space and years of experience.

Let’s Get Coffee


About The Studio

The Mind-Body Connection is located in a 100+ year old textile mill called The Bleachery.  The building was renovated and divided into many rentable spaces in the 1990s.  The aged brick building sits alongside the Housatonic River.  From the moment you enter Mind-Body Connection you know you’re about to experience something very special and unique.

The space is filled with natural features from the light shining through the 12 ft tall windows, the aged red brick walls and the textured bamboo floors.  Throughout the space you’ll see remnants from the original mill: ironwork features, old freight elevator doors, and more.  The energy of the space is welcoming and a wonderful place to disconnect from the current world and connect with your body and mind. 

MBC Pilates the
Brain-Based Approach to Pilates

Learn how to use brain-based movement strategies to build strength, flexibility and improve balance.

Integrated movement – where the brain and body connect, creates effective and efficient movement patterns.  MBC Pilates is trained and experienced working with Neurological Disorders.