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Individualized Pilates sessions for neuro and non neuro affected clients.  Get results by exploring your Brain’s unique response to movement


About The Studio

I have always felt that Pilates is for everyBODY and everyONE. With that approach in mind, it’s important to consider the individual, their body, their goals and their needs. It’s necessary to meet each individual where they’re at and build from there. That’s where I am different from other teachers. I believe there’s not just one right way of moving and working. I also believe each client responds differently and needs to explore, experience the different options available to them to improve their movement.

“I feel I am in safe and experienced hands and making progress constantly. The studio is light and airy, very well equipped and a delight to visit.”

– JS –

MBC Pilates

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Private or semi-private sessions, 2-4 persons.  Learn the MBC Pilates way.

These sessions may be in studio, in your home or via Zoom.

Pilates B2B Guidance

Are you a business owner looking for guidance, a thought partner, to help build, diversify and/or create more opportunities equaling more profit?

Are you an instructor interested in moving your Pilates practice to the next level? Would you be willing to try new and different cueing techniques and teaching strategies that create better movement patterns?

Upcoming Sessions

MBC Pilates the
Brain-Based Approach to Pilates

Learn how to use brain-based movement strategies to build strength, flexibility and improve balance.

Integrated movement – where the brain and body connect, creates effective and efficient movement patterns.  MBC Pilates is trained and experienced working with Neurological Disorders.

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I have been having private reformer sessions with Marion for several years now. Marion is always professional, friendly and very passionate about her job. She designs and modifies the exercises constantly to fit my needs. After each session my body and mind are completely rejuvenated, the tension in my muscles, ligaments and joints entirely gone. I highly recommend Pilates with Marion to anyone who wants to be healthier and stronger!

~ DB

“Having a bad back has made so many other forms of exercise challenging for me. Working with Marion during the last few years, I’ve become stronger and my back issues are under control thanks to Marion’s expertise. I am fortunate to have found her.”

~  LA

“I look forward to my sessions with Marion as special self-care treats that keep me feeling healthy and strong. She’s an intuitive and delightful Pilates guide.”

~ MS